ASRock Instant Boot

ASRock (Proprietary)

ASRock Instant Boot is a software application that enables a computer to boot up in short period of time.  Most people keep their computers running the whole day because of the relatively long time it takes to reboot them. With this application, computers can be turned on very quickly while simultaneously optimizing system running speed and saving energy.

Although boot up this relies on the hardware configuration of the computer, a number of tests done on the application prove that it normally boots up a computer in as little as 3-4 seconds.  Once installed, the program is designated as an icon in one’s desktop.  Its main menu consists of three modes to choose from, - Fast, Regular, and Disable Instant Boot, after which the user simply clicks the “Apply” button for the specific chosen mode to operate. A kind of restore feature, the program’s boot failure guard also allows the user to dispense a safe boot up mechanism when the computer falls short of booting correctly. Although the system supports all types of computer models, it is applicable only to a single user computer that does not have security password or identification applications from its user.  Even with this program, shutting down of computer is still done by clicking on the Shut Down button from the Start menu.