ASRock (Proprietary)

ASRock IES stands for ASRock Intelligent Energy Saver. It is a utility developed by ASRock and released on December 2008. This program works hand in hand with the system’s CPU by improving energy efficiency. The program disables the extra phases during the CPU’s light loading process. This program increases the efficiency of the Voltage Regulator up to 16%. It can also decrease the power consumption of the Voltage regulator by up to 48%. The program does this without compromising CPU reliability and performance.

ASRock IES is utilized to increase the power efficiency of the system. Normally, during heavy loading, the CPU will be running with 4 power phases. When the CPU is in idle or in light loading status, there will only be 2 power phases. At some instances, the system will only be running a single phase. When the ASRock IES is launched, systems running in 4 power phases will run only 2 phases. Systems running 2 power phases during light loading will shift to single power phase. This program also enables users to check the total power saved. This program also enables users to check the specific duration that the system is running the ASRock IES. It users to preview the complete CPU power information and enables the user to check the CPU Frequency, CPU Voltage, and the CPU power consumption status.