Aspen Zyqad 14.1

AspenTech Ltd (Shareware)

Aspen Zyqad 14.1 is a shareware developed by AspenTech Ltd. It is designed to provide comprehensive engineering solutions to users from around the globe. The basic functionalities of this utility include compressing schedules of multiple projects, improved agility, and integration of a number of teams. Engineering companies will find a great many uses for this application, which is a core component of the aspenONE Process Engineering applications. For an overview of its functions, here are its basic features:

• Data management functionality that involves sharing of accurate data
• Provides access to data for very specific individuals in every step of the process
• Supports MSDs, PFDs, DPTDs as well as more than 120 templates
• Design tools are fully integrated

The templates may be modified as well and the designs may be re-used (partial and whole). The program also manages a library of templates that provides invaluable data for projects in the future.

Some of the advantages of using Aspen Zyqad 14.1 are the following:

• Proven to improve the efficiency of basic engineering procedures by as much as 30%
• Effective in joint engineering collaborations
• Configurable tools based on the company’s needs
• Execution of multiple projects is feasible
• Data model is an industry leader and applicable for many scenarios