Aspen Process Tools

Hyprotech UK Ltd (Shareware)

Aspen Process Tools is a compilation of applications that centers on separations and solids processes. Developed by Aspen Technology Incorporated, the program’s basis comes from the industrial and research programs by Effluent Processing Club (EPC), Separation Processes Service (SPS), and Wet Solids Handling Project (WSHP). The program is particularly designed for various industries including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemical and process industries, manufacturing sectors, and minerals processing. This application is one of the main elements of the AspenONE Engineering software.

This suite provides 25 Process Tools. These simulation programs can be grouped into two main categories – Design tools and Decision-Making tools. The Design tools are used for experimental data analysis, performance simulation, and equipment design while the Decision-Making tools provide professional assistants and systems for troubleshooting and selecting equipment. These tools are particularly created to help solve issues that cannot be solved using conventional numerical simulation.

Aside from these two categories, the Process Tools included in this suite are also group based on their functions or processes. The program has eight groups – Bulk Solids Handling, Crystallization, Drying, Solvent Extraction, Slurry Handling, Gas Cleaning, Solid-Liquid Separation, and Waste Water Treatment.

Here are some of the software tools available in this suite:

• Cystallization – Under this process, the available tools include CrySES, ConSol, and CrySIM.
• Drying – Tools that perform drying processes include PSYCHIC, FLUBED, DRYSEL, and DRYScope.
• Gas Cleaning – Gas Cleaning tools include CYCLONE, PJFILTER, VENTURI, PSDEDIT, GCSel, and more.