Aspen Custom Modeler

Aspen Technology, Inc. (Proprietary)

Aspen Custom Modeler is a technical program that is designed for the development of custom process models particularly in the fields of science and engineering. With this program, users can easily develop models for custom unit optimization for their specific expertise. The created models are stored in file libraries and can be shared with other project collaborators. The models can also be integrated to simulation flowsheets so users can see how these work with the rest of their system.

It works in conjunction with other Aspen products, such as Plus, DMCplus, and HYSIS flowsheets. It also allows users to link models to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets through Aspen’s Simulation Workbook. If users are also working with the applications Aspen Polymers and Aspen Properties, this program can assist users by accessing property data directly. This eliminates errors and ensures that all modeling values are consistent. Users can also build custom plots and forms in such a way that the data is easily visualized and organized in the way users prefer.

As a technical program, Aspen Custom Modeler provides users with access to online training so that they can be informed and learn about the program’s features. There are video tutorials on making custom models, as well as courses that provide users with a structured and interactive learning experience.