KraiSoft Entertainment (Shareware)

Asianata is a game is which players are tasked to match marble balls to clear a level. Players have to click on three or more marble balls of the same color in order to remove them from the game area. The game makes use of realistic physics, which means that the surrounding balls will fall down to take the eliminated balls’ places. Players must continue to make matches until the score target for the level is reached. Players must be able to remove the colored balls before the playing area is full to win the game.

Playing the game is not simply a matter of matching colored balls; players must also be able to determine where the other balls will fall so they can strategize on the best moves to make. This way, players will be able to group same-colored balls together in order to complete a level and move on to the next. Players can make use of the game area’s stone walls to help them group balls together. During the game, players will also receive special bonus marbles to help them create more combos and remove more balls.

Asianata provides players with three different playing modes: Puzzle, Arcade, and Strategy. Each mode has its own challenges for users of all skill levels.