Ashley Jones: The Heart of Egypt

Fenomen Games (Shareware)

Ashley Jones: The Heart of Egypt is a puzzle game that was first released in 2007. Players assume the role of Ashley Jones, a student of archaeology who must go to Egypt and excavate artifacts and find a jewel of the Heart of Ra. In each level, players must swap three or more jewels of the same color to remove them from the game grid and score points. There are also artifacts hidden underneath the jewels. When a match is made, the artifact will be revealed. The goal is to remove all the tiles under the jewels on the game board. Additionally, the artifact must be brought down to the bottom of the grid in order to collect it. Each level has a timer so players must complete the goals before time runs out or else, the level has to be repeated.

The game also offers different kinds of power-ups to help players complete the levels. The shovel power-up allows the player to dig an unturned tile to uncover an artifact. Another power-up rotates the game grid. There is also a power-up for stopping time so players have a few more seconds to complete the level. Power-ups that the user has collected can be seen at the top right portion of the game window. Users can drag a power-up to the grid to use it.