Ashampoo MouseTracer

Ashampoo (Freeware)

Ashampoo MouseTracer is a desktop application that helps monitor how users use their mouse. It is a utility application developed by Ashampoo, which allows users to see meaningful data on their mouse usage habits. The application records and monitors everything on the screen that is related to output produced by the mouse. The following are some of the notable details that the desktop program records and analyzes:
• It keeps a record of the trail that the mouse pointer leaves, which can be used to analyze which areas of the screen are clicked the most.
• Users can highlight areas on the monitor that are highly active, which they could use when developing programs that are dependent on “screen real estate”
• All aspects of movements are recorded, which are then reviewed by the program automatically.
• Interactions with other programs are also logged. Thus, MouseTracer can deduce which programs are commonly used.

Data reports can be viewed by the user on demand, where vital and basic information about their mouse activities can be seen. Details such as pointer speed, the total distance that the pointer has covered, and the furthest distance that the pointer has reached are revealed in these user reports. Aside from detailed usage statistics, aesthetic customizations are also available for the interface itself, such as desktop skins, report frequency, and selective monitoring tools.