Ashampoo Magical Defrag 3 3.0.2


Ashampoo Magical Defrag 3 makes the system run faster by defragmenting files. Over time, files in the system become fragmented and are scattered in the system. This makes the computer run slower than usual. By defragmenting, the files and folders are organized by the program, making the computer run faster. Ashampoo Magical Defrag 3’s main interface shows a visual representation of the files. The parts are color-coded, too – free space (yellow), fragmented (red), not fragmented (blue), unmoveable (navy blue), and question mark (unknown). The main window also shows the current action being performed by the application, the number of the defragmented files, and the number of moved clusters.

Ashampoo Magical Defrag 3 offers three ways of defragmenting the system:

1. Personal Defrag Strategy – The application allows users to set defragmentation parameters to meet the needs of the system. Users can choose different specifications, such as the volumes, files, and other defragmentation settings. Users can also set a schedule for defragmentation (daily, weekly, or monthly).
2. Defrag Now – This enables the user to choose a hard drive and defragment it without pausing or stopping. This is recommended when running the software on the computer for the first time.
3. Start Job – Start Job allows users to start the defragmentation process immediately without following the set schedule.