Ashampoo Gadge It 1.0.1

Ashampoo (Shareware)

Ashampoo Gadge It is a tool used for creating desktop gadgets. This makes it easier for users to access programs, folders, and files that are often used. Gadgets can be customized by the user. Menus, buttons, and additional functions can be added for each desktop gadget. The program comes with a wizard that will guide users through the process of customizing each gadget. It offers four types of desktop add-ons. These are:

• Sidebar Gadget – The sidebar gadget is a desktop gadget that sits at the right side of the desktop.
• Standalone Gadget – The standalone gadget is similar to the desktop gadget on Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.
• Standalone Menu – This desktop tool is a menu where users can execute files and programs.
• Browser Menu – The browser menu is opened in the web browser, as it is HTML-based.

Upon launching the program, users can choose what type of gadget to create. Background music can also be added to the gadgets. The background music plays for 30 seconds when a desktop menu is open. Afterwards, users can customize the gadget on the program’s editor. Some of the items that can be added to a gadget are buttons, images, backgrounds, text, and shapes. There are pre-made themes and layouts that users can choose from.