Ashampoo FireWall

Ashampoo GmbH (Freeware)

Ashampoo FireWall is an application developed to protect computers from unwanted Internet connections. It is a basic security tool ideal for beginners who are unsure about firewall configurations. Beginners can choose to run the program in Easy Mode. This application automatically notifies users whenever an application attempts to establish a connection to the Internet and asks users if they want to allow the action or block it.

Advanced users can run the application in Expert mode, which allows them to configure the application to manually specify connection rules for various programs installed in the computer. Furthermore, this mode lets users specify individual ports in their connection rules and monitor their network connections.

Users can also view logs of connection activity as well as connection statistic so they can see the number of allowed and blocked connections. One of its notable features is the Internet Cleaner function that enables users to remove any evidence of their online activities, such as the list of visited sites and downloaded files. It also comes with a spam blocker as an additional security feature.

This application has an intuitive tabbed interface. Users can easily access the program’s functions from the tabs. The main menu provides users access to all of the program’s features.