Ashampoo Anti-MalWare 1.21

Ashampoo Development GmbH & Co. KG (Proprietary)

Combining the power of Ashampoo Anti-Spyware and Ashampoo Anti-Virus, Ashampoo developed Ashampoo Anti-MalWare and released it on September 2010. This anti-malware program protects the computer from both online and offline threats. Ashampoo Anti-MalWare features two integrated scanning engines that offer protection from Trojans, viruses, worms, rootkits, spyware, adware, bots, and other malwares.

Ashampoo Anti-MalWare features heuristic analysis, which offers early detection of unknown threats. It also features system protection during file processing and execution through the onAccess guard feature. It also offers the Rootkit Detector 2, which detects hidden rootkits. Ashampoo Anti-MalWare offers a File Wiper that securely removes sensitive files, and an Internet Cleaner that clears internet history including browser cache and cookies. It also features a Startup Tuner that configures program behavior during system startup. Ashampoo Anti-MalWare also has a Process Manager that lists down all active processes and provides for easy process termination. It also has an ADS scanner that searches NTFS volumes for invisible streams and deletes them.

Ashampoo Anti-MalWare also comes with the Whitelist feature, which allows users to customize whitelist definitions so that specific folders and files may be excluded from scan and search. This program also features an encryption algorithm, which prevents malware from reconfiguring the program settings. Ashampoo Anti-MalWare also allows users to configure scan jobs for automated system scanning.