AsfTools 3.1


ASFTools is a program that converts media files into different file formats. It can convert ASF, WMA, and WMV files into AVI and WAV files. The program can join separate media files into one. Conversely, it can also split a file into two or three files. It can also repair and do majority of its operations without having to recompress the files. Repair can either be "basic" or "advanced". It can repair lost data or even decrease the file size. Additionally, it can re-encode media files and make it either smaller or larger.  

ASFTools has an explorer-based format where all the important functions are on the left. These functions are "add", "remove", "join", "cut", and "repair". In the "options" menu at the top, the program can be told to show quick hints or stay on top of other applications. With regards to the output, it can be programmed to save the output as a new file or replace the original. There are instances where files that are split have different bitrates. The application can join these 2 files when the option for joining incompatible bitrates is selected. Additionally, it can also notify for any size mismatch.

The program supports batch processing. This means it can convert multiple files at once.