Airshowbuzz, LLC (Freeware)

ASB.TV is a case study for Blackbox developed by Airshowbuzz, LLC. Blackbox is a TV Desktop Application used for content viewing and as a distribution tool. It is built with the Adobe AIR platform. The application will automatically download the platform if not yet installed in the user’s system. Blackbox is intended for use as the Web browser of the Air Show Buzz website. However, it can also be used like a regular browser which allows users to go to any site they want to visit, in addition to the aforementioned features the program has.

ASB.TV has an adaptive user interface allowing the users to simultaneously manage the view and organization of the published and the user-generated content. The display component has different modules that support several types of activity and content such as videos, photos, and forums. This application displays the content of a certain site in different windows that can be arranged according to a layout provided and customized by the user. However, there is a default layout that displays the windows of the Airshow, TV title, Photos, Forums, and Store. When the user uses a regular browser for viewing this site, each window will be shown in separate Web pages.