Arx Fatalis

Arkane Studios (Proprietary)

Arx Fatalis is a first person role-playing game developed by Arkane Studios for both Microsoft Windows and the original Xbox. It was released in 2002 for the former and 2003 for the latter. Arx Fatalis is one of the more unique role-playing games. It is set in a medieval world where the sun has disappeared from the sky. Because of this, humans are now forced to live underground. The human race now lives in an underground fortress called the Fortress of Arx. It is here that the remaining members of the human race face dangers and horrors that were once unimaginable.

Players take control of an unnamed hero and are thrust into an extremely interactive world. The game features an incredibly designed world where the player feels that each and every one of his actions has a corresponding consequence. Whether this consequence is immediate or otherwise, the player has yet to find out. Use swords, magic, spears, ancient artifacts and other weapons to battle the evils that are lurking in the mines of Arx. The player faces trolls, goblins, Ratmen, and other fell creatures of the dark as he works towards the goal of destroying the Cult of Akbaa.

Key game features
• Extremely immersive world with consequences corresponding to player action
• Unique spell casting system, the players draw runes in real-time
• Infinite number of interactions with non-player characters in the world of Arx