Matt Stones (Freeware)

AruaROSE is a free to play massively multiplayer online role playing game that takes place in an interplanetary fantasy universe. Players are free to take part in the game’s main storyline or go off on their own adventures around the seven planets in the game, namely Junon, Skaaj, Luna, Eldeon, Hebarn, Oro, and Karkia. Players assume the role of Visitors, who are tasked to protect and live in the planets. Beginners to the game are first taken to a place called Adventurer’s Plains, guided by Arua’s Fairy, who will orient the players on the game’s basic features.

Players must be able to bring peace and justice to the worlds they go to. Players start with going on a Tutorial Quest. As players begin to defeat enemy monsters, they will be able to level up and receive tips from guides. Players can also level up by accomplishing missions listed in Quest Boards that are located in all of the game’s major cities. When players have reached Level 10, they can make their way to the Canyon City of Zant and speak to the Kingdom Minister named Warren. They will be tasked to undertake a quest that, when accomplished, will allow them to change classes. There are four classes in AruaROSE: Soldier, Hawker, Muse, and Dealer.