ArtRage Studio Pro 3.5

Ambient Design Ltd. (Shareware)

ArtRage Studio Pro is a digital painting application that allows users to create oil paintings, pencil drawings, and acrylic paintings digitally. The program is designed for tablet PCs, but it is also compatible with desktops and laptops. It consists of tools that can be used by beginners, as well as instructors and professional artists.

The software offers traditional painting tools, such as oil brushes, paint rollers, paint tubes, watercolor brushes, airbrushes, and a palette knife. The program is designed to keep track of the color, thickness of the paint, wetness of the paint, and the reflective characteristic of metallic paints in order to achieve realistic results. The drawing tools included in the application includes pencils, and ink and felt pens. It has an auto-smoothing feature that corrects the wobbly lines caused by shaky hands.

ArtRage Studio Pro also comes with several effects for creating complex digital artworks. Some of them are the sticker spray and sticker sheets, glitter tube, and gloop pen. There are presets included in the program, too. Artists can save their own tool settings to use for different projects as well.

Other features of the ArtRage Studio Pro application are:
• Color samples (metallic tinting, color picker, real color blending, etc.)
• Stencils and rulers
• Canvas and paper presets
• Layers and blend modes
• Image editing and filters