ArtRage Studio

Ambient Design Ltd. (Shareware)

ArtRage Design Studio is an application designed for creating paintings and sketches digitally. The program consists of a set of tools for drawing, designing, sketching, and painting. Some of the toolsets are natural painting tools, stickers, paper and canvas, and rulers. More details on the tools are listed below:

• Natural Painting Tools – These tools consists of paint rollers, oil brushes, paint tubes, watercolor brushes, and an airbrush. There is also a palette knife for spreading combinations of colors to achieve a natural oil painting effect.
• Sketching and Drawing Tools – This toolset contains a pencil tool, ink pen, and a felt pen. The flood fill feature allows artists to fill in large areas without having to do many strokes. There is also an automatic smoothing feature that smoothens out pen strokes.
• Special Effects Tools – The special effects tools allows users to create complex creations. Tools included in the set are sticker spray, glitter tube, and gloop pen.

ArtRage Design Studio supports both HLS and RGB colors. The color picker enables users to choose the right hue from the color-wheel. Users can also save their favorite colors as color samples. Adding a metallic tint to the color is possible, too.

ArtRage Design Studio is no longer available and is replaced with ArtRage 4.