ArtRage 4

Ambient Design Ltd. (Shareware)

ArtRage is an application that serves as a painting tool, allowing users to use realistic oils, paints, pencils, felt pens and other tools to create works of art. It also allows them to load photos, which can be traced and recreated. There are sets of tools including the natural painting tools, sketching and drawing tools, colors, stencils and rulers, canvas/paper, tracing and reference images, as well as layers and blend modes. The Oil Brush, Paint Roller, Paint Tube and Airbrush let the user play with the thickness of the paint. Users can also disable automatic cleaning in case the user would like to resemble a dirty brush.

ArtRage’s features for sketching allow users to control the softness of the lead on the pencil, the wetness of the felt pen tip, which is ink-based and other properties of the sketching tools to allow for more realistic sketching. As for Color, there is a Color Picker that the user can play around with and mix. There is also an option to add Metallic Tinting to make the painting more reflective. Tracing images is made simple by having the images overlaid on to the canvas and visible during the painting session. The reference images on the other hand, are pinned to the canvas so the user can use it as a reference for the drawing.