ArtMoney SE v7.38

System SoftLab (Freeware)

ArtMoney SE is a cheating utility application developed by System SoftLab. This program helps players win a game by finding the memory address where the certain quantities such as the amount of money are located. This allows users to change the quantity of a particular aspect of the game (money, health, bullets, swords and more). The program works by finding the hex address according to the input parameters set by the user. It will then print the found addresses with their equivalent values. Users can then have the chance to edit the values found. Aside from editing the values, other actions can also be done such as freeze/unfreeze, delete, and copy. Changing the description is also possible with this program.

The program allows editing of table cells. It also has the ability to filter the addresses by choosing the value of the “address type” and “search for”. Available values for editing include integer, text/string, Macromedia Flash and float. The program also offers Emulator Options. Customizable options for the interface appearance address display and search process are also available. Users can even set the value for the hot keys for actions. The program settings can be configured as well. It has a general setting option used for configuring the Object, Show Processes, Refresh Time, Integer View, and Freeze Time. Other available options for configuration include the Decimals format, Show Addresses, Hexadecimal View/Edit, Process Type, Multiplicity of Address and more.