ArtMoney PRO v7.35 7.40.5

System SoftLab (Shareware)

ArtMoney PRO is a game cheating application created by System SoftLab. It is used for all types of games allowing users to alter certain game elements. It works by finding the memory address that stores a certain game quantity. For instance, users want to locate the memory address that stores the game’s health points. If you input 121, which corresponds to your health points, it will list down all the hex addresses containing this value. After locating which memory address corresponds to the game’s health points, the user can now change this quantity and it will automatically reflect on the game.

The Pro edition is ArtMoney’s paid edition. This edition offers additional features. It only requires a one-time payment to access all the extra features not available in the Standard edition (SE). The Pro edition provides free version updates and upgrades. Technical support is also provided only for Pro users. This edition allows users to select a disk/folder as objects. It also provides more filter conditions such as filtering by formula. Users may also look for text strings unlike on the SE edition. Aside from this, this edition also enables users to save and load a game.

Other added features in the Pro edition include the following:
• Stealth mode
• Ability to search for structures
• Pointer-to-Pointer scanning to up to 5 levels (SE edition only offers up to 2 levels