ArtIcons Pro 5.42

Aha-soft (Shareware)

ArtIcons Pro is a free-to-try desktop enhancement icon tools editor that allows users to modify and edit icons for Windows. It lets both amateur and professional users to create icons and edit them as well as manage icon libraries and files.

The program allows the creation and editing of icons in standard and custom sizes, in color depths of up to 16 million hues. Users can modify images with hue/saturation, grayscale, drop shadow, negative, colorize, opacity, smooth, roll, rotate and mirror effects. It also allows pasting of images in different graphic formats (PNG, JPEG, ICPR, BMP and ICO) directly converting them into icons. The application also exports the icons into those same graphic formats.

ArtIcons also provides the ability to change icons in Mac format into that of Windows’. Users can create icons for Windows XP and modify them in a color depth of 32-bits, substitute image colors, and save images in several layers. The program also enables painting images with either a chess or gradient fill. Other features of the application include selecting icons from libraries, choosing animated and Windows files including icons from every file in any folder or subfolder and save them into icon libraries. It permits icon modifications within program files and also executable files. Other features permit the dragging and dropping of icons and files from file shells as well as between different libraries respectively.