Aha-soft (Shareware)

ArtIcons is a simple application that allows users to edit and make icons, as well as maintain icon libraries in Windows. Users can choose to use standard sizes or can customize it. There are millions of colors to choose from, too. Layering is also supported as well as chess fill and gradient. Icons can be modified with features, such as mirror, negative, drop shadow, saturation, roll, and rotate. The users can choose to replace the entire image color and paste images of different formats directly onto the icons.

ArtIcons features a user friendly interface supporting several language. A user who has prior experience on any image editing software will not have a problem navigating it. The menu panel has several selections including File, Edit, Tools, Effects, View, and Help. The second topmost portion is for the toolbar and has functions like save, cut, copy, and delete. The central portion is the site for icon editing and it is surrounded by different icons. Icons for editing can be extracted from any files, Windows executables and libraries. Icons that have been edited completely can be exported to popular formats like PNG, BMP, JPEG, ICPR, and ICO. The software also supports maintenance of an icon library so users can easily pull the icons they have worked on from a single list.