Artensoft Photo Mosaic Wizard 1.5 1.6.118

Artensoft Company (Shareware)

Artensoft Photo Mosaic Wizard is used for creating mosaics out of photos and images. These mosaics can be used for calendars, wallpapers, digital photo albums, and collages. Creating a mosaic can be done in just five steps, and the program can be used by beginners. It also has a program wizard that guides users through the process of creating a photo mosaic. The program’s main interface is divided into five tabs that serve as the five steps for creating the mosaic. The steps are:

1. Master Image – Under the Master Image tab, users can add the image to be created out of all the smaller images. There is also a preview area where users can see the photo.
2. Base of Cell Images – Under this tab, users must add all the other images that will make up the mosaic. It is better to add more images to get better results. The program can accommodate thousands of images to be used on the mosaic.
3. Generating the Mosaic – This is where users will be able to change the settings for the photo mosaic. Some settings include the size of the final mosaic, rotation, and duplicates. After choosing the settings, users can click on the “Create photo mosaic” button to automatically generate the mosaic.
4. Correcting the Mosaic – Users can tweak the mosaic under this tab by changing the colorization type and correcting cell images.
5. Save – The last step is to save the photo mosaic.