Art of Illusion

Peter Eastman (Freeware)

Art of Illusion is a graphics application program designed for 3D meshing or modeling. It can create a visual representation of any object in 3D. This makes it capable of creating life-like images as well as animations. The program can create meshes, which is a set of elements used to represent an object for analysis or modeling. Textures can also be created. The program is capable of producing 3D pictures as well as 2D pictures. A visual editor is also present and helps in creating textures used for modeling.

While Art of Illusion is used for creating images that looks realistic, it can also create non-realistic images. The program’s documentation has tutorials and wizards that assist non-experienced users in learning 3D modeling. The program's default layout is displayed in a 4-view window. The user can select which side should be in the front, back, and sides. With the "camera view", there is an option to view the 3D model from afar. The program's interface also allows for automation of tasks.

Art of Illusion is written in Java which is a programming language. Lastly, the program has a plugin architecture wherein developers can create plugins that can extend the functionality of this 3D modeling program.