Arsenal Of Democracy

BL-Logic (Proprietary)

Arsenal of Democracy is a grand strategy war game developed by BL-Logic and released on February 2010. Grand Strategy war games involve strategic gaming where the player is expected to manage the resources of a whole nation. Arsenal of Democracy is loosely-based on another game—Hearts of Iron II – Armageddon. This game enables users to manage any nation that participated in World War II and the Cold War. Control and management includes managing the state’s diplomatic, espionage, political, economic, technological, and military aspects.

Arsenal of Democracy enables the user to build land divisions, naval fleets, aircrafts, and develop armies and corps. The player can also control the appointment of pertinent officials like military commanders and prime ministers. The users may also control heads of states and presidents, but only when the nation being managed is a democratic state. Such control is also subject to an election. The player can declare war, stage coups, and create alliances with other nation states. The player also has complete control over the economic and social policies of the nation state. This is done by utilizing sliders which enable users to decide on authoritarian versus democratic or central planning versus free market systems. Different penalties and bonuses result from any policy change. This game allows the player to pause and resume the game at any point.