JackassJoeJoe (Freeware)

ArsClip is a Windows tool that monitors the computer’s clipboard and keeps track of new entries. It runs with minimal system resources and sits on the system tray. This application creates a copy of a clip that has been copied to the clipboard. It is able to store up to 15 clips in its Popup Clips cache. When the cache reaches its maximum capacity, the oldest clip will be moved to another cache, called Removed Clips. These clips are removed from the application’s in-memory cache and stored on the hard disk. Users can also set Permanent Clips that stay in the Popup Clips cache.

This application contains the following features:
• Support for RichText, Unicode, Picture, HTML, and File Copy
• Support for Windows 7 Jumplist
• Permanent clips and macros for automated copying and pasting
• Clipboard bar and viewer
• Configuration and editing settings

Users can paste an older clip by activating ArsClip’s popup window and clicking on the clip. The window can be activated by the default hotkey CTRL+Shift+Z, which can be customized according to user preferences. In addition to the hotkey, users can also hold the mouse right click button to activate the popup window. The window will then show the available clips; users can simply click on a clip to paste it to the active program window.