ARRL Study Guide

McSnyder Software (Shareware)

ARRL Study Guide is an educational program developed by McSnyder Software. It is a study guide for getting a ham radio license. This is usually bundled in a book that features questions that are similarly used or given on a license test. Each question has an answer key portion, which allows users to check if they have the right or wrong answers. There are also regulations, electronic theory, and operating practices included.

ARRL Study Guide is one portion that can help upcoming examinees to pass the licensure test toward becoming a real radio operator. When successfully passed, examinees can get certification that they can use advancing in their chosen career. It is created for aspiring radio operators, instructors, and even school teachers.

The program is divided into three categories, which are namely ARRL Extra, ARRL General, and ARRL Technician. The focus questions are different for each category. ARRL General focuses on the general topics that appear on a license test. For ARRL Technician, users can review technical aspects, and in ARRL Extra, users can go through questions that are generally asked when taking extra classes on the licensure. ARRL Study Guide is originally made for computers and laptops or notebooks. There is now available program for the iPhone, too.