Media Cybernetics, L.P. (Proprietary)

Array-Pro is an image analysis program developed by Media Cybernetics, L.P. for helping molecular biologists. It is an automated microarray and high-density array software that provides several tools for image analysis. The main purpose of this software is to produce accurate analyses and reduce visual noise.

Array-Pro provides support that allows the users to open and view large image files. It can receive feedback for determining the quality of the experiment, and differentiate data by classifying items under different grids, cells, and images. This software also allows the users to create reports about their work using a Word template. It includes an advanced template and experiment wizard for creating new templates and for running experiments easily.

Other features of Array-Pro include the following:

• Grid Alignment – This feature is based on weight, meaning grids can be aligned according to the weight of each cell group.
• Axon Instrument Scanner – This is an improved feature that allows users to read and analyze spatial resolution, including X to Y resolution tags.
• GenePix ArrayList Files – This feature is supported to allow the users to read directly from the layout, and boost the number of features per image.