Arovax AntiSpyware

Arovax (Freeware)

Arovax AntiSpyware is a security application that is able to scan and remove spyware from computers to protect users’ sensitive data and important files, such as credit card information and passwords. This application can prevent spyware from stealing users’ personal information, modifying the Internet browser, corrupting data, and controlling the computer remotely. It can perform a Smart Scan and a Deep Scan of the computer system, and provides users with detailed statistics of the scanning process. If the application detects items that users consider to be important, these can be added to the Ignore List.

This application is easy to use due to its well-organized interface. From the main window, users can easily initiate a new scan, schedule a scan, access the settings, and read the help file should they need assistance. Before the scanning process, this program displays the drives available on the computer and lets users select the drive or folder to scan. There is no need to define further actions, making the program ideal for novice computer users.

During scanning, the main window will transform into a stats screen that displays the number of scanned files, registry entries, cookies, and processes. When finished, Arovax AntiSpyware shows users the infected files in a detailed report and when prompted, removes the spyware entirely.