Benjamin C. Meyer (Open Source)

Arora is a cross-platform browser. It is free and runs on Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Linux, and other platforms that are supported by QT webkit. It is based on the layout engine employed by Google Chrome and Safari, which features clean and simple interfaces. Designed with minimalism, Arora utilizes the QT toolkit port – a fast-rendering Java Script engine that supports plug-ins from Netscape. While not as flexible and customizable as other popular Web browsers, Arora is a viable option for users who want a lightweight, fast, and clean Internet browser.

Arora features the basic tools and options that one would expect from a typical browser, such as a download manager, bookmarks tab, history tab, smart location bar and tabbed browsing. There are also not-so common website features such as session management, Open Search, AdBlock, and privacy browsing. This Web browser can also integrate with desktop environments, and features WebInspector, a web browser feature that comes with a set of tools for Web developers.

Arora has a fast startup process and uses low system resources. It also is equipped with 30 translations and the ClicktoFlash plug-in. Development was suspended in July 2011. It is still a work in progress until today.