Army Rage 1.0

Yacuba Games (Freeware)

Army Rage is a first person shooter game set in World War II. The player can choose any of the 4 classes available. The Assault class uses 2 primary weapons. They also have machine guns and moderate health.  Support class has the most amount of health. They can drop ammo and health packs on the map. Additionally, they can be equipped with flamethrowers and machine guns. The Scout class' main use is for recon missions. They can carry machine guns and mines. The Engineer class can repair vehicles such as tanks. They can also create barriers.

Army Rage has various game modes. These include Rush and Deathmatch. The game can support up to 24 players playing simultaneously. A big map supports this big number of players. Various items can also be purchased for the player's character. Points are given everytime the game is played.

The game also has the concept of team skills. These skills can be used to help the player's team in achieving its goal:

• Team Energy - This skill allows the creation of different spawn points on the game map. When a player dies, he can re-spawn on the new spawn point.
• Team Recon - This skill allows a player to mark an enemy's position on the map so that the members of his team can also see it.
• Firs Aid - This skill allows the player to revive a team member. This is done by pressing the letter "E" on the computer for 1 1/2 seconds while beside the enemy.