Army Builder v3.4c

Lone Wolf Development (Shareware)

Army Builder is a game companion developed by Lone Wolf Development. The program is a brand roster construction tool used in any miniature game. Miniature gaming involves strategy war game played using miniature figures. This program enables users to build their own rosters, keep track of each unit, and view a summary of the models or the tournaments.

Army Builder enables users to create army lists through point and click functionality. The program also features a validation engine that automatically checks whether the created roster still abide by the rules of the game. This ensures that the roster remain legal. Any errors are seen and pointed out by the program, enabling users to correct them early on. The program automatically calculates point totals even after changes in the roster.

The program also allows users to add items, subtract models, and change roster rules to create the best brand roster. Once the roster is complete, the program enables users to generate a quick reference sheet, as well as print the same. This can be used during actual gameplay to better plan their strategies. Users can also save the roster into BBCode or HTML format, making it easier for players to view it on a mobile platform. The roster also offers customization options as to font size, column width, colors, and font sizes. Army Builder supports all miniature game systems allowing for maximum compatibility.