Armies of Exigo

Black Hole Entertainment (Proprietary)

Black Hole Entertainment’s Armies of Exigo is a real-time strategy single/multi-player game set in a fantasy genre. It features above- and below-ground, as well as ground-level combat happening all at once. There are three opposing groups fighting against each other: The Empire (also referred to as the human faction), made up of wizards, knights and elves; The Fallen (an insectoid race of monsters), consisting of creatures of the deep, fallen knights, and dark elves; and The Beast (), which are ogres, lizardmen, and trolls. Using the single player campaign, the user will have control over all three groups like one does in Starcraft. Multiplayer supports up to eight gamers. In multiplayer, there are melee, mission, arena, skirmish, and free-for-all game modes.

To progress in the game, units have to level up either by gaining various experiences and/or by killing enemies. When units gain a level, they become stronger. Most of the units can rise up to the 5th level except for phoenixes, mechanical units, and spell-casters.

There are ten total lead characters coming from all factions in the game, namely: Alric do Rei, Dunehelm Bellangere, Ruannon Flamebringer, Keran Kessertin, Inquisitor Belloq, Lord Vangarath, Princess Domina, Tyron Gral, Dragga, and Sseeth.