Armed Forces Corps

City Interactive (Proprietary)

Armed Forces Corps, which includes the game Terrorist Takedown 2, is a game in which the player assumes the role of a US Navy Seals soldier on a mission to fight terrorists. The Middle East is in chaos, and terrorist attacks are becoming more frequent. Even hapless civilians are disappearing, and being kidnapped for ransom by terrorists. In Terrorist Takedown 2, the most recent victims are American journalists. The United States government is in quandary and starts the process of negotiations to free the innocent hostages.

But there is something more to the story, so the government also sends a special unit of their well-trained US Navy Seals to free the hostages, just in case the negotiations take too long or not work out as planned. Players must strive to make it back with the freed journalists alive. As a Navy Seal, players must also bring peace to the region, and to do this they would also have to accomplish missions in different areas in the Middle East, such as villages, canyons, cities, marketplaces, caverns, and military bases.

In this game, players can modify their weapons from sniper mode to assault mode, depending on the necessity. The opponent AIs are realistic and can act in teams to provide more challenge. The game makes use of quality graphics and special effects, as well as dynamic and realistic lighting.