Armagetron Advanced (Freeware)

Armegatron is an 3D application game that mimics and interprets the animated movie series of Tron. The story of the movie revolves around characters that entered a virtual dimension that brings futuristic technology and modern lifestyle into reality through an old arcade game. The first game released was composed of 4 sub-games which include the Light Cycles. In this game, players control characters by using right/left joystick. Characters are limited to move the Light Cycles by 90 degree angle which make the game more challenging and exciting. The aim of the game is to crash AI opponents by letting these players hit the wall. Armegatron includes different scenarios, which were imitated from the scenes of the movie. The game includes customized battle arena and AI bots that enhances gaming experience of players. The futuristic set up of the game becomes more realistic through its’ unique 3D graphics.  

The latest version of Armegatron is upgraded to supports additional features. AI bots are now included in the game play which solves the problem of previously released version of the game. The absence of AI bots was the main reason why most players are not interested to play the game. The developer included a new intelligence system, which they called gLATIS.