Armadillo Run 1.0.6

Peter Stock (Shareware)

Armadillo Run is a physics-oriented puzzle video game developed by Peter Stock. In this game, the player has to capture Armadillo and bring it to the Portal by building various structures. Armadillo is a yellow-colored object that resembles a basketball. The concept of the game is reminiscent of the machines built by Rube Goldberg, wherein random materials are chosen based on their distinctive properties in order to form the structures. The game allows the player to be creative in applying actual laws of Physics in reaching the goal. Armadillo Run features 50 levels, each of which comes with a designated budget for materials. Elements like elastic, rope, steel, and rockets can be used to build a machine that will bring the armadillo to the portal.

Armadillo Run promotes creativity in players because they can make all kinds of adjustments to the devices they build. Players can connect metal links or pieces of elastic rope and control their tension. Explosions can be done with miniature explosives. It is important to stay within the level’s set budget because the player will not be able to proceed to the next level if s/he overspends – even if Armadillo was able to reach the portal. Not all levels offer the same materials, so the player must be resourceful enough to make do with what is available.