Armada Tanks

Enkord (Shareware)

Armada Tanks is a casual video game wherein the player navigates a tank to defeat enemies. To make the tank stronger, upgrades can be bought for its weapons and armor. The game has around 60 stages. Additionally, there are 6 weapons and 24 upgrades to choose from.

Armada Tank's basic gameplay involves a maze stage with one tank whose mission is to defend it from incoming enemies. The stage is presented in a top-down view. The game uses cartoon-like graphics to depict the environment, including the tanks. The enemies enter the field through different entry points. The player's tank has to shoot the enemy tanks to remove them from the game. The player's tank is allowed to create shortcuts to reach the enemies easily. This is done by shooting the maze walls. The camp is usually protected by a thick wall. This allows the player to move around the level. However, the camp's walls can be destroyed if shot repeatedly. The level is completed when all the enemies are removed.

Oftentimes, power-ups appear in the game's stage. Picking them up can do a number of things to the player. There are power-ups that can replenish the tank's health. There are power-ups that can stun or destroy the enemy's tanks immediately. The points that are collected after finishing the level can be used to purchase equipment that can improve the tank.