ArmA 2: Reinforcements

Bohemia Interactive (Proprietary)

Arma 2 Reinforcements is a military combat game set in fictional post-Soviet country, Chernarus. Players take the role of US States Marine Corps with the aim to prevent additional casualties fueled by the war between the rebels and the government. This particular installment of the game series offers additional two factions: Her Majesty’s Armed Forces and private contractors. This can be played singly or with  Arma 2: Combined Operations and has the capacity to handle up to 50 players online.

The key features of Arma 2 Reinforcements include the following:
• Factions – The Arma 2 series has nine unique armed groups with their own sets of vehicles and weapons.
• Equipment – This game features around 80 weapons including missiles, rifles and machine guns. All the weapons available can be controlled by the player and is subject to realistic fuel and load requirements.
• Ballistics – The flight, behavior, and effects of projectiles are made to look realistic. For instance, some weapons with have their parabolic trajectories and their behavior will depend on their caliber.
• Mission editor- This allows users to create missions for single player, campaign or multi-player modes. A wizard is also available which makes it even simpler.
• Modding – This allows users modify the content of the game.