Ark (Archiving Tool)

KDE (Open Source)

Ark (Archiving Tool) is a tool developed by KDE. The program is a compression tool that enables users to create an archive from multiple files. Users may archive individual files and files inside a folder. The program can also archive whole folders. The program supports a variety of file formats including 7Z, RAR, ZIP, GZIP, or BZIP2. The program also allows users to preview and access the contents of an archive file even without decompressing or extracting the files.

Ark features a grey graphical user interface with menu options for File, Action, Settings, and Help. Function buttons include New, Open, Add File, Add Folder, Delete, Extract, and Preview. Files to be archived are displayed and listed in a window occupying the rest of the interface. The table displays not just the file names, but also the original file sizes, compressed size, mode, owner, and archive date. The panel on the right serves as the preview window to display a thumbnail view of the selected file. The extraction dialog box enables users to choose whether to extract selected files or all the files. The program also features automatic file extension selection when archiving files. The program selects from a variety of supported file formats.

Ark supports Drag and Drop function when adding files or folders. Files may be dragged from supported programs including Dolphin, Konqueror, or the desktop.