Ariel MultiScheduler

Ariel Enterprise (Proprietary)

Ariel AirOne MultiScheduler is a schedule management program developed by Ariel Enterprise. The program enables users to manage appointments, set meetings, and configure alarms and notifications for events. The program is in a monthly calendar setup. Each day corresponds to a box where the day’s events can be listed. The program can be used online or offline and can also be synchronized with MS Outlook entries with minimum commands. The program also supports synchronization functions with mobile phone calendars and even Skype entries.  

Ariel AirOne MultiScheduler enables users to share the calendar entries to other users. Users may schedule meetings with each other and each event will simultaneously be reflected on their Ariel AirOne MultiScheduler. Users may also share calendar events with non-users.  Information shared via the program may be encrypted for added security. These include event plans, meetings, and other data. Users can set the encryption type and level for a customized encryption function

Ariel AirOne MultiScheduler also offers several management functions including ToDo Management, Feature Project Management, Bulletin board, File Management, and standard documents management. These are the vital functions of Ariel Project A which are integrated into the program. The program also comes with IP Phone cooperation function which allows users to make and receive calls through Skype via the program. Users may also send emails from the program through Outlook.