Arial Audio Converter

Xrlly Software (Shareware)

Xrlly Software released the Arial Audio Converter program so non-professional users can convert audio files into a variety of formats for listening, storage, or further conversion. It is a professional audio converter that is easy to use. Source formats of all sorts are transformed into files carrying target formatting that has been chosen by the user. Aside from making the files easier to read and store on various devices, the converter also makes it easier to play the files because of the built-in player that users of the Arial Audio Converter application can utilize. Some of the audio file extensions that work well with this particular program include the following popular formats, in addition to other lesser-known audio file formats:

• MP2
• MP3

The Arial Audio Converter program has a user-friendly interface for converting audio. The program also converts audio files without creating temporary ones. What this does is save disk space. It is also responsible for the speedier conversion time. Users can also convert audio files with different extensions together in a single batch. ID3 tag generation and support can also be enjoyed with this particular software. Drag-and-drop options are also available for ease of usage.