Argente Utilities

Argente Software (Freeware)

Argente Utilities is a system optimization tool developed by Argente Software in February 2011. This tool allows users to optimize their system’s settings by managing configurations, repairing errors and failures, and preventing malware. Argente Utilities features a host of tools that includes a Registry scanner, a disk cleaner, and a spyware cleaner, among others.

Argente Utilities features a one-click maintenance tool, which allows users to optimize all the settings of their system and restore performance with just one click. The Registry cleaner removes all the failed registers on the memory. The disk cleaner removes corrupted files and cleans the temporary folders. The privacy cleaner securely removes files and writes over the used sectors with random bytes. The startup manager and the process manager manage the Startup behavior of programs and their processes. The spyware cleaner and spyware immunizer works hand in hand to remove malwares and prevent them from coming back. The system manager, system optimizer, and system repair tools are the ones in charge of maintaining the system’s performance.

Argente Utilities user interface features a single window display with a taskbar at the left panel listing the One Click Maintenance, Registry Cleaner, Disk Cleaner, and Privacy Cleaner. Other tools maybe found under the Optimization, Security, and Tools tabs. Users may also update the Argente Utilities tool through the Functions tab, as well as manage the Back Up manager, and Configurations tab.