Argente Registry Cleaner

Argente Software (Freeware)

Argente Registry Cleaner is a program developed by Argente Software and released on August 2010. The program manages the Windows Registry and cleans out the unnecessary entries found therein. When programs are installed and later uninstalled in a computer, it leaves behind registry entries that are no longer needed because the program is no longer installed. The uninstalled program may also leave broken references, missing keys, and other invalid entries. Build up of these unnecessary entries may cause the Windows Registry to collapse after some time. This will then cause performance issues and even system crashes. The Argente Registry Cleaner is the solution to this.

The Argente Registry Cleaner cleans the Windows Registry by performing an extensive scan of the same. Then, the program automatically creates a list containing all the errors and issues found in the registry. Users can then erase the selected entries. For the non-tech savvy, the program also includes an exclusion list that will prevent the program from removing some specified keys that might be necessary for the system. This software also comes with a backup function enabling users to backup the Windows Registry before performing any scan, in case an issue develops. The program also features some configuration options allowing users to specify Registry areas for scanning. These options also enable users to control and modify the backup list, as well as the exclude list.