Ares p2p for windows

Ares Development Group (Freeware)

Ares p2p for Windows application is a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file-sharing program developed by Ares Development Group. A P2P file-sharing application is used to connect with other P2P users creating a virtual network between the users. The Ares P2P application can be used to download and upload different files such as games, audio, software, videos, and more. The program provides BitTorrent protocol support.

The available features in Ares P2P for Windows program are arranged in tabs. It has a Web feature, which can be used to browse different websites. The program also has a Library tab. This feature provides a complete library of all the shared/downloaded files within the Ares P2P network. The library is arranged in different file types such as Audio, Video, Document, Image, Software, and more. The library can be used to search and organize files within the shared network.

The Ares application offers a media player feature under the Screen tab. All the shared and downloaded media files (audio/video) can be played using this feature. This P2P program also has Search and Transfer tabs. The Search tab is used to find files that can be downloaded within the Ares P2P network, while the Transfer tab is available to check the download rate of a file being downloaded. The Transfer tab also provides download configurations such as Cancel, Play/Preview, Clear Idle, and Locate File.

This P2P application also has a Chat feature. This feature can be used to connect with other Ares users via instant messaging and chat rooms. Registered Ares users can configure their chat nicknames and other personal info such as sex, country, and age. An avatar can also be used as the Ares users’ primary image.