Ares Music (Freeware)

Ares Music is an application for downloading music files to the computer in MP3 format. When downloading, the computer is connected to the Ares community. With that, the user has access to music files that are within the community. Apart from downloading files, there is the option to download album covers, as well as song lyrics. The user interface's central pane displays the music files that are currently being downloaded. It also displays the estimated time it takes to download a song. A progress bar is also displayed for each song being downloaded. The song’s status is also displayed. "Received" means the song is downloaded completely. "Receiving" means the song is currently being downloaded.

Ares Music has a search function that allows the user to search for the song he wants to download. A keyword search can be performed. If done, the software searches for songs related to the keyword. If "artist search" is performed, the program lists down all the songs by artist. Alternatively, the program can do an exact match search. When searching, the software indicates the number of files that matches the query.

All music files that are downloaded using Ares Music can be organized. The downloaded songs can be saved automatically on the folder specified by the user.