Ares 3.1

Digital Desaster (Shareware)

Ares is an application that enables peer-to-peer, or P2P, file sharing. P2P is a method of file acquisition by tapping into a folder shared by another user in the file-sharing network, at the same time the user’s own folder is made available to other members of the network. This application has a simple and easy-to-use interface, and can integrate with iTunes. This makes it easy for users to fill their iPods with music shared by other users. Downloading files through the P2P network is free.

Sharing files through this program is done by first performing an auto-scan of the computer to locate and select the files users would like to share on the P2P network. Users can share audio, stock images, and video files. As for downloading files, the program has a search tab on which users can type the name of a particular file, such as a song title. The search results will show a list of files from different users on the P2P network. To download a file, users will only have to double-click on it. The download progress is shown in the program’s transfer tab.

Ares also has a chat client feature that enables users to connect and communicate with other users on the P2P network.