Ares Chat Server

Ares Development Group (Bundled)

Ares Chat Server is a chat client program included in the Ares Galaxy application. This provides Ares Galaxy users a way to communicate with other users through chat rooms or private messages. It can be used for hosting or joining chat rooms and/or channels. It also enables selection of favorite channels. Several configuration options are available through the Ares Galaxy’s Control Panel menu. The Control Panel provides settings for configuring personal details, chat settings and other options.

Personal details that can be added in the program include nickname, sex, age, and country. Adding a personal message as well as a personal avatar to be displayed on the profile is also possible. The program can also be configured to add an auto login password, keep the connection alive, and change the font settings. Changing the direct chat settings is also possible, which includes settings for blocking of all private messages, enabling browsing of the user’s library, and enabling regular folder browse. Ares users can also have an auto-reply whenever the user is away.

As for chat configuration, the following options are available:

• Showing join/part notice
• Automatic addition of chat channels to favorites
• Display of chat event’s time and date
• Blocking emotes
• Showing the chat server on the taskbar button are available.