Ardamax Keylogger 3.7.8

Ardamax (Shareware)

The Ardamax Keylogger is a utility that records keystrokes. What this does is capture user activity, after which the collected information is organized and saved into an encrypted log. Authorized users can then access and read the information via the Log Viewer integrated into the program. Keyloggers are typically employed to monitor work activity and detect any instances of unauthorized access. This particular keylogger has a feature that sends said logs to the authorized user’s email and secures access via password protection. Internet addresses visited within the time frame for observation are also recorded by this keylogger. The Ardamax Keylogger can also take screenshots and video clips send these to the authorized user via email, FTP or File Transfer Protocol, or within a LAN or Local Area Network. It can also monitor conversations facilitated by various instant messaging services.

The Ardamax Keylogger has a number of basic, useful features. The interface is simple, with layout and overall design that makes it easy for the user to access various tabs and options. It may be set to “invisible” mode so as not to show up in the task bar, Task Manager, system tray, process viewer, and other Windows menus to anyone but the authorized user.