Wolf Team (Namco Tales Studio Ltd.) (Proprietary)

ARCUS2 is a role-playing game developed and published by Wolf Team, which is currently known as Namco Tales Studio Ltd. Also known as ARCUS II: Silent Symphony, this game is the second installment of the Arcus series. It was first released in 1989.

ARCUS2 takes place 10 years after the events of the first game, bringing back Jedah Chaf, who is now a knight. Together with the half-elf Picto who accompanied him in the first game, Chaf is going to face a new challenge in the second game. His missions include searching for his legendary companions and save Arcusas from another evil emerging while learning more about the fabled legendary Rune Blade.

Unlike its predecessor, the second game follows the usual Japanese RPG and utilizes the same first person perspective for turn-based bouts. However, top-down perspective is used for navigation within the location. The bout between the character starts when the former gets in contact with the enemies.

What makes the game different is the lack of the usual RPG elements that gamers are familiar with. For instance, winning against enemies will earn the player gold, but without the usual experience points. Regular opponents can be avoided while the primary challenge is facing the bosses.